Les Grands Dossiers de la Diplomatie #22

Article in the french magazine "Les Grands Dossiers de la Diplomatie" months of August-September 2014.


DESPLAZADOS : éternels oubliés
A documentary by Guy Simoneau

To be broadcast on RDI, Thursday, March 27th at 8 PM

DESPLAZADOS : éternels oubliés tells the stories of the victims of the Colombian armed conflict. There are about 5 millions of internal refugees in Colombia. They were forced to leave their land and their region, threatened by guerillas or paramilitaries, which are illegal armed groups. Beginning in 1964 and continuing into the present day, the Colombian armed conflict is the oldest Latin-American armed conflict (50 years).

In the documentary we meet Carlos, a humanitarian worker helping displaced people who has received death threat from paramilitaries, a right wing group named Aguilas Negras, and Neri, an afro-colombian displaced woman, whose husband has been killed by illegal armed groups. Neri became a true leader in her community. Both Carlos and Neri lead us to the internal refugees in Bogota and elsewhere in region, such as Puerto Berrio.

The documentary reveals and denounces the hard living conditions of displaced people in Colombia, abandoned by the government and, in the same time, the film shows us their courage and their strength.


Filming on the Rio Magdalena, Colombia. © 2013


Guy Simoneau was a photographer and a film editor before beginning his career as a filmmaker in the early 1980s. His first documentary feature, Plusieurs tombent en amour (Some  Even  Fall  in  Love) (Genie award 1981 best feature documentary), created a shock wave in the Quebec cinema milieu. Since then, he made many documentaries which include On  n’est  pas  des  anges (1982), David  chez  les Coréens (1989), Marcel Dubé : aimer, écrire (1996), Macadam Sud (2002), Simenon in America (2004) and La vie à vif (2006), Le voyage de Sara (2008), Qallunaaliaqpallianiq-Heading South (2011). L’Amérique  de  la  dame  aux  yeux  peints, his first book, was published at Les Éditions Libre Expression in 1999.

DESPLAZADOS : éternels oubliés
Produced and directed by: Guy Simoneau
Produced with the collaboration of RDI





Guy Simoneau
514 813-7067