One hour documentary
Length: 52 minutes


Director: Guy Simoneau
Research and writing: Guy Simoneau
Director of photography: Alain Dupras
Editor: Isabelle Massicotte
Music: Normand Perron
Production: Nanouk Films
Producer : Anouk Brault
Broadcasters: Radio-Canada and TV5
Distribution: Cinéma Libre


Gémeaux Awards for Best Camerawork and for Multiculturalism, 1989
Nominated for Best Social Documentary at the Banff Film Festival, 1990
Nominated for Best Film at the 1990 Cairo International Film Festival for Children
ADATE Award,1991


“A troubling documentary, entertaining, and full of astonishing frankness on the part of David, the young Korean who returns to his country of origin.”
CBF Bonjour, Radio-Canada


In 1975, David was adopted by a Quebec couple a few months after he was born. At 13, with his adoptive parents, he returns to his native country, South Korea. He discovers the mega-cities of Seoul and Busan, as well as the Korean countryside. He and his parents are accompanied by Myung Hi, a young Korean interpreter from Montreal, who left Korea five years earlier because she found the Korean mentality too rigid.

During his time in Korea, David seems to resolve the problem of being caught between two identities, not feeling fully part of one or the other.

At the end of the documentary, he returns to the orphanage where he was placed as a baby. It is a mysterious place where the babies are packed in small spaces, sitting or lying on the floor, waiting to be set free as he was.