Length : 13 episodes x 24 min.


Director: Guy Simoneau
Director of photography: Guy Simoneau
Soundman: Daniel Provencher
Editor: Alain Després
Music: Bernard Buisson and Uzeb 
Theme song: Daniel Boucher (Aidez-moi)
Production: Vivadoc
Producer : Jean-Patrick Lebeux
Broadcaster: Télé-Québec
Distribution: Vivavision


“The series presents a moving panorama of powerful personal stories. ”
Paul Cauchon, Le Devoir

“Macadam Sud shows us the pettiest, but also the greatest characteristics of humanity.”
In this docu-soap (...) we discover a whole cross-section of society that we’ve only glimpsed through clichés, or worse, through the veil of prejudice.”
Claude Langlois, Le Journal de Montréal

“Guy Simoneau is known for concocting veritable jewels. (...)  Here’s a true soap-opera featuring street workers and the adolescents, adults, and families in distress whom they see every day.”
Danielle Desbiens, Échos Vedettes

“Without a doubt, the most froceful and gripping docu-drama we have ever broadcast.”


Alain, Guylaine, Sylvain, Élise, and Marie-Anne face a harsh reality in their jobs as street social workers in a suburb of Montreal. These courageous young men and women are often the only link between people in desperate situations―poverty, violence, drug or alcohol addiction, and prostitution―and the resources that can help them.

Macadam Sud presents thereal-life stories, often poignant and sometimes funny, that are the daily fare of these humanitarian workers on the urban scene.