One hour documentary
Length: 52 minutes


Director: Guy Simoneau
Research and writing : Guy Simoneau
Assistant director: Christine Côté
Director of photography: Robert Vanherweghem
Soundman: Yves St-Jean
Editor: Marc Blavet
Music: Bernard Buisson
Production: Vent D’Est Films
Producer : Bernard Lalonde
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Distribution: Cinéma Libre
Format: 16mm


“It is this sad and beautiful story of a very engaging human that is told in this wonderful documentary.” 
Raymond Bernatchez, La Presse

“The film takes off, and we discover a man of forthright character who loves life as much as writing.” 
“Guy Simoneau is back with a jewel of a film that presents Marcel Dubé’s lifeline in a visual and cinématographic way.”

 “An extraordinary film portrait.”  
Francine Grimaldi, CBF Bonjour, Radio-Canada


The film revisits the life of Marcel Dubé, a French-Canadian playwright who won fame and success in the period between the 1950s and the 1980s. The author, who has struggled for a decade to finish a novel, discusses painting, the role women have played in his life, and his creative process as a writer.

Although his dramas are still performed, we see a man who seems isolated from the life he loves. Archival documents include films, photographs, drawings, and poems written on bar napkins and restaurant menus, relics of long-forgotten nightlife.