Feature documentary
Length: 82 minutes


Directors: Guy Simoneau and Suzanne Guy
Director of photography: François Gill
Soundman: Michel Charron
Editor: Josée Beaudet
Production: Les Films Prisma
Producers : Marcia Couelle and Claude Godbout
Distribution: Les Films du Crépuscule
Broadcaster: Télé-Québec


“A documentary that cries out with sincerity and hope, a reflection on the deep, intimate personal needs of the physically handicapped.”
Louis-Guy Lemieux, Le Soleil

“The documentary takes away our embarrassment with its big-screen revelation of the needs and desires of all those who are obliged to live in a different body. (…) Guy Simoneau shows skill in describing the lives of these excluded members of society. Through him, the documentary now occupies a privileged place in our national cinema.”
Manon Guilbert, Le Journal de Montréal


This documentary feature reveals the emotional lives of physically handicapped people. One of the first documentaries to treat this subject, On n’est pas des anges surprises and disturbs. Prejudices die hard: imperfect bodies still make us uncomfortable, especially when the focus is on deeply personal matters. 

In the film, the subjects assert their differences as they talk eloquently about their desire to be loved and their right to have meaningful relationships.