(Plusieurs tombent en amour)

Feature documentary
Length: 105 minutes


Director: Guy Simoneau
Research and writing: Guy Simoneau
Directors of photography: Martial Filion and Richard Saint-Pierre
Soundman: André Dussault
Editor: Guy Simoneau
Producer: Guy Simoneau
Broadcaster: Télé-Québec
Distributor: Les Films du Crépuscule
Languages: English and French

Award: Genie Award for Best Canadian Documentary Feature


“A fascinating documentary.”
Bruce Bailey, The Gazette


“A remarkable documentary on the Montreal prostitution milieu.”
Louis-Guy Lemieux, Le Soleil

“A hard-hitting film on female and male prostitution in Montreal.” 
Luc Perrault, La Presse

“Simoneau wished to avoid the usual simplifications and presents the prostitution milieu in all its complexity―both engaging and disturbing. (…) An unprejudiced view of prostitution. (…) Beautiful night scenes.”  
Richard Guay, Le Devoir


This documentary feature is an in-depth exploration of the world of prostitution. Its characters include pimps, trans-sexuals, girls/women, boys, and johns. Shot in Montreal in the course of a year, the individual stories of these people cut across each other, and many come together in the film’s conclusion. Their lives―sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, but often disarming and touching, are presented in a direct, occasionally brutal way. Although there are no explicit scenes in the film, it was given an adult rating.

This inside view of a singular world makes us reflect on life, love, relationships, and sexuality.