Length: 10 x 26 minutes


Production: Idéacom International Inc.
Producers :  Josette D.Normandeau and Amy Webb
Directors: Guy Simoneau
Jean-Louis Côté
Vincent Audet-Nadeau
Serge Marcil
Coordinating Director: Jean-Louis Côté
Directors of
photography : Rénald Bellemare
René S. Labelle
Laurent Quesnel
Alex Margineanu
Editor: Jeremiah Hayes
Sound: Philippe Scultety
Daniel Ferland
Dimitri Médard
Ismael Cordeiro
Music: Christian Clermont
Broadcasters: Canal Vie, TFO


Voluntary simplicity means reducing consumption in all the personal and social spheres of life―not an easy path, as consumers are more solicited than ever before. This documentary series is an incursion into the daily lives of urban and city dwellers who have understood how to live well on very little. The possibilities are surprising!