Biography (285 pages)

Published by Libre Expression
Publisher André Bastien


“Best-seller in the non-fiction category.”
Le Devoir

“The exciting life story of ‘the lady with the painted eyes’.”
Carmen Montessuit, Le Journal de Montréal

“This biography that  one can read like a suspense novel traces the tumultuous life of Jeanine Archimbaud, a small woman with a giant-sized heart.”
Andrée Poulin, Le Droit

“Quebec biography of the season.”
Québec Loisirs

 “A voyage to the ends of life and of the Americas. Jeanine Archimbaud is inspired by a flame that nothing can extinguish, not even threats by the army, the disheartening moments of the worst days, the tragic death of her husband, or the corruption that keeps the have-nots down.” 
Chantal Vallée, La Voix de l’Est


Does life start at 40? For Jeanine Archimbaud the answer is yes. At age 42, she reshaped her destiny, travelled into the midst of danger, and began a love story that lit up her life. In 1970, the Montrealer, who had just divorced and was being courted by a rich American man, turned her back on comfort and took up humanitarian causes in Central and South America. Was it all a mistake? Twenty-four years later, the woman whom the Maya call “la dama con los ojos pintados”(“the lady with the painted eyes”) has never regretted her experiences in Guatemala, Chiapas, and Bolivia.

La dame aux yeux peints is an uninterrupted series of adventures in which people and power confront each other, ending with the triumph of love. With great conviction, Guy Simoneau paints the provocative and seductive portrait of a true flesh-and-blood heroine.